Attendance Matters.

The majority of employers will tell you that as long as you show up, they can teach you everything else you need to know to become a highly-paid member of their organization.  Being at work on time, every day will definitely pay off, and you’re much more likely to move up the company ladder.


Pass the Test.

The path to your dream job starts now.  In order to have a successful career in a skilled trade, you will need to pay attention in your science, math, and technology classes.  Understanding basic skills in these areas will ensure that you pass your employer’s expectations, as well.

Win the Interview

Win the Interview.

Interviews in skilled trades are like tryouts for the big leagues.  You have to give a good first impression to keep a company interested.  To do that, you’ll need a professional resume and interview preparation experience.  For tips on resume building, click here.  For answers to your toughest interview questions, click here.

Stay Sober.

Stay Sober.

Dependability is everything.  You want your boss and coworkers to trust you so that you can gain more responsibility and, eventually, bigger titles and more money.  Plus, don’t be the one who smells at work. No one likes that guy–or girl.

Work Hard

Work Hard.

You could show up to your job, punch in 8 to 5, and then go home. It’s routine, and it will get the job done, but it won’t take you anywhere.  Show initiative at work. Ask questions, and go out of your way to learn more about what is going on around you.  The more you know, the better your chances of working into a management position.

Be a Team Player.

Be a Team Player.

Collaboration is key to a successful organization.  Whether at a desk or on the plant floor, your role in the chain of command is crucial to keeping the company running smoothly.  Be the kind of coworker you’d want to have next to you: dependable, competent, and yes–clean and sober.

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