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Get On The Grid and the Mississippi Scholars and Tech Master Programs share many similar goals, with the top priority being encouraging Mississippi’s youth to research and pursue careers in STEM fields and to be college- and career-ready.  As such, Get On The Grid and the Scholars network are partnering to steer tomorrow’s leaders to a path towards success.  We aim to reach individuals and communities in every part of the state with a grassroots campaign that motivates the next generation of Mississippi’s workforce.

If you are interested in bringing Mississippi Scholars and/or Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Programs to your community or want to get involved, contact the Mississippi Economic Council below.

Tech Master

Mississippi Scholars

Want to be a part of an elite group of Mississippi high schoolers? The Mississippi  Scholars program may be just what you need to get that extra boost when it comes to applying not only for college, but for jobs after college.

The Mississippi Scholars program motivates high school students to complete a defined, rigorous academic course of study that prepares them for successful transition to college, university coursework or vocational and technical training necessary to enter today’s competitive job market.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out the curriculum here.

Tech Master

Ready to enter the workforce with adequate skills and know-how? Look no further than the Mississippi Scholars Tech Master program.

This program focuses on career and technical coursework in high school, therefore, preparing students for careers by providing them the skills necessary to thrive in the workplace. Like the Mississippi Scholars program, you too will be recognized at graduation for completing this specific coursework.

Want to enter the workforce with confidence? Check out the course curriculum here.


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